IKD World Cup – Barbados

It has been a few weeks since I posted anything. There are two reasons for this. One, I have been focusing on preparing for the IKD World Cup in Barbados and two, I have been working on a rebuild of the Maritime IKD website. I have been a little busy.

My main focus is preparing for the trip to Barbados. It is going to be so exciting. I have never been outside of continental North America. Yes, Barbados is part of North America but I haven’t strayed from the mainland. This will be my first time in an airplane as well.

I have competed in Provincial, Regional and National tournament but this will be my first International event. So needless to say, I am super excited about this tournament.

The International Karate Daigaku hosts the World Cup every three years. The first two World Cups were held in Toronto, Ontario. This year the event will take place at the Sir Garfield Sober Gymnasium in Wildey, St. Michael, Barbados. The small island nation in the Caribbean will see over 300 people from around the World compete for the chance to call themselves the World Champion.

There will be several different age categories for each event. Competitors will face off in individual Kumite (sparring) and individual Kata (forms). There will also be team events which include team Bunkai (Application of Kata), team Enbu (self defense demonstrations), team Kata and team Kumite.

The event starts on Thursday August 16 with a Judges Clinic and Exam followed by Black Belt tests and a Welcome/Cocktail Party. On Friday August 17 the competition begins with the Individual Kata, Team Kata and Team Bunkai events. On Saturday August 18, the tournament will continue with the Individual Kumite, Team Kumite and Team Enbu events. Sunday August 19 will see the finals of Individual & Team Kata and Individual & Team Kumite.

This event will showcase competition and karate skills. I hope that the true meaning of karate will be the real focus of this event. Whenever I compete I always think of Niju Kun #12:

Do not cling to the idea of winning; it is the idea of not losing that is necessary
– Katsu kangae wa motsuna; makenu kangae wa hitsuyo

I hope to have a report each night from Barbados. I will try to highlight not only the tournament but the experience that I have from the moment I leave my small town in eastern Canada until I return.

I know some of you that read this will be on the island with me. I hope that we can catch up maybe grab a Rum Punch and enjoy the week long journey.


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