Barbados Day 3 – Tournament begins

Today started very early. The bus was supposed to arrive and pick us up for 7:15 am. We waited and when the bus arrived filed in. Travelling quickly through the narrow streets, we eventually arrived at Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium. The gym is nice. I will try to get pictures tomorrow.

I prepared to Judge and was given a ring to be stationed. I didn’t expect to do much judging as I was one of the newer judges. I was put in to judge a couple times but taken out to balance the officials. There can not be too many officials from the same country.

Worlds tshirtI sat watching and learning from the other senior judges as they pointed out some things during the events. I think I will be an even better judge after this experience. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed every minute of sitting with the other judges especially my good friend Arthur Bird from Antigua.

At lunch, Judges, Head Coaches and team Managers were able to go to a catered meal. It was very good. I understand that the food that was available to purchase for the competitors was not very healthy. I was not there to see it but french fries and greasy food is not proper fuel for competition. This coming from a Sports Nutritionist but the organizers had to get find someone that was available. I am not sure of what kind of food place on the island do things like this. I learned later that there was another vendor on the opposite side of the building.

I then joined the rest of the team as we prepared for the kata competition. A young student, Casey, is attending her first World Cup has been nervous for months. I watched her and gave some pointers. She has gotten much better over the weekend and when she got into the ring to compete, not only did she win her first kata match but her second and advanced to the finals on Sunday. Casey is only a brown belt and was competing against other brown and black belts. The rest of the team were so excited for her.

Next Sensei Isabelle Bordage was competing in another ring. She received a first round bye and won her second match and advanced to the finals on Sunday.

Sensei Michel Gaudet and I were up next. Michel cleanly won his kata match and advanced to the finals. During my match I missed my hand on an elbow strike.

Finally, Carol Gould received a bye to the finals and will compete on Sunday.

I purchased a tournament t-shirt for myself, Rachel and Jolene. I still have to get something for my other daughter and my grand daughter. I know what I am getting little Lillia. I just have to decide on something for Katilyn.

To cap off the day, the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick team jumped in a “bus”. It was a little van with a bunch of seats. For $2 Bajan Dollars, they will take you pretty much anywhere. We went to a Grill diner in a Food Court area. It was amazing. For less than $30 Bajan I got a Caesar Salad, Rice and beans, and a Grilled Chicken burger with a bottle of water. I was so full I hand to struggle to get the food down. After it settled and we explored the court, we enjoyed an ice cream together. It was a great time for us all to bond. Together we are a family.

We walked back to the hotel stopping at Subway so the team members could get food for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be the Enbu (self defence demo) and Kumite (sparring) events.

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