Barbados Day 5 – IKD World Cup Finals

This day started off a little later than the past couple. The tournament didn’t start until 10:30 am. Which meant we

tournament venue

were able to sleep in later. After waking up the same routine started. Get showered, dressed and figure out breakfast. Today, because the tournament started later we were able to go to breakfast at the hotel restaurant. It was great. Jonathan joined us for breakfast as well. He is such a special little guy. I think I have made a life long friend in this kid.

After breakfast we walked out to meet the bus which was waiting for us. We climbed on and were off to the venue. I forgot to take pictures. As I mentioned before, I am a horrible tourist.

Before the tournament started for the day, when Jonathan found us, I handed him my extra Nova Scotia patch. Michel gave him his New Brunswick patch. Casey gave him a Canada pin.

The event started with an opening ceremony. We rushed to get our regional flags up. Nova Scotia was hung from the banister then we went to hang up New Brunswick but the Prince Edward Island flag was brought by mistake. It

the athletes

didn’t matter, only the Canadians would know it was wrong. I walked in with the judges. There were some speeches and the official oaths of the competitors and judges. As well as demonstrations of the winners of the team events from the previous days of the event.

Then the tournament started. We kicked off with youth events. I watched a couple events before I was put to work and I barely stopped. I judge a lot during the finals and I loved it. Thanks Shuseki Shihan for trusting in my ability as a judge at this prestigious event. It makes be very proud to know that I was able to official World Championship matches and help decide who the best in the World would be.

Casey from Nova Scotia competed in her age groups finals. This young lady is going to be a star in the karate world if she keeps it up. Her first World Cup and she is the 6th best karateka in the World. The instructors and coaches from the Maritime IKD are all so proud of her.

Casey was upset that she didn’t place but the entire team surrounded her and told her how proud we were of her. She is a champion in all of our eyes.

Time for a lunch break, Isabelle and I headed to the officials lounge. Judges, head coaches and officials received catered food once again. Shuseki Shihan Woon-A-Tai walked over and put Bajan Pepper Sauce on Isabelle’s plate and told her she had to try it. She did and had a rough time. I tried it and it was hot but good. We decided to go sit outside but couldn’t find a place to sit and keep our gis clean. Someone from the building came out with chairs for us. We ate and returned to the event.

The afternoon finished up the youth events and headed into the adult events.

Sensei Isabelle Bordage was great at her kata but there were a few that were a little bit better. I was one of the judges for her event and I was glad to have been able to see it.

Sensei Michel Gaudet had two events today. I was not able to see his kata and I am not 100% sure where he finished but it was out of the medal hunt. Then he faced off against the competitor that eliminated me from the tournament. Michel defeated him then when one to become the 40-49 year old World IKD Champion in kumite.

Carol Gould performed in the senior females division and performed her personal best kata but was just out of the medals.

The day was long for everyone. I am so proud to call this group of people my family. I am also surprised at how many people know who I am without having ever met me. There were people that came up to be in the last few days and said they read this blog. There were high ranking instructors who came up to stay hello that I have never met or those that I have known for a long time.

The event ended with the final awards and Barbados was announced as the Country Champions for receiving the most gold medals.

sea turtle on the beachWe ran to the buses and prepared to go home. Isabelle told me there was a get together with the Ontario team. I was planning on going but I was very tired.

I went to dinner with the rest of the team where I had a conversation with Shihan Janice Pyke about the tournament. Suddenly someone yelled about a sea turtle on the beach. This thing was huge. The kids were using flashes and flashlights to see it and scared it away but not before I got a picture. It was bigger than the tires on my SUV.

All in all the tournament was amazing. I am so glad I came. Will I attend more events like this? Of course. I will have to plan things out and fund raise again but I hope to attend in the future.

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