New Students

The end of the summer brings new students to karate dojos.

Everyone has returned from their summer vacations and kids are gone back to school. This also means that beginners will be in your dojo.

You need to remember that these new members of your club will not know the protocols and etiquette of a dojo. It is up to you to make sure you perform the proper procedures. These new students will look at each of the existing students to see what they do. So if you do not bow or if you enter the dojo and stand around and talk then you set the example for the new students.

These new students will be looking up to the more experienced students. Introduce yourself to the new students. They could feel like a fish out of water. Take the first steps to become friends with these new faces. I think that they would be more willing to stick around if they realize that everyone struggles at first. That they are not alone.

Remember offering guidance and friendship might help keep this student. Which means that your dojo will maintain students. It is crucial that students stay to keep dojos open.

Remember back to when you started and what you felt. I am sure that you were also nervous, confused and not sure what was going on around you. Now that you are experienced, share that will the newcomers.

Remember today’s beginners are tomorrow’s sparring partners. And who can’t use a new sparring partner every not and then.beginners

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